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Britons of Distinction Stamp Set

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  • Britons of Distinction Stamp Set

Great Britain- Britons of Distinction

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Issued on the 23rd February 2012 - 10 values


Issued on the 23rd February 2012

Featuring portraits of five of Great Britians distinguished subjects and depictions of the other five’s greatest achievements. Sir Basil Spence created Coventry Cathedral amongst other fine buildings. Born to German parents in Yorkshire, Frederick Delius composed some of the most quintessentially English pieces in the pastoral canon. Daughter of the artist William Morris, Mary Morris was a leading light in the revival of English embroidery. Odette Hallowes was the first woman to win the George Cross. Thomas Newcomen, a Devon ironmonger and engineer, invented the atmospheric steam engine that helped to power the Industrial Revolution. Kathleen Ferrier was the greatest contralto of her era. Augustus Pugin was a great champion and exponent of Gothic architecture with the glorious interiors of Palace of Westminster among his many achievements. Montague Rhodes James, author of some of the most chilling ghost stories in British fiction. Alan Turing, a mathematician and computer scientist, whose work creating the Bombe code braking machine, was instrumental in saving millions of lives in WWII. Quaker, pacifist and social reformer, Joan Mary Fry was a tireless campaigner for the oppressed.