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About Us at Gold Coast Coins & Stamps

We first started over 20 years ago in the industry as a wholesaler selling coin and stamp accessories to dealers and retailers .Gold Coast Coins & Stamps was created in 1998 after we had many enquiry's from the public who couldn't find where to buy albums and other  accessories from. We've operated both businesses side by side until we sold the wholesale business a few years ago. After many years of trading we have gained a lot of knowledge.

 Warren, who does the buying, has been a collector since childhood. He started with stamps 60 years ago and then changed his focus to coins 58 years ago. And he is a passionate coin collector - he has an amazing library of books on coins, tokens, banknotes, medals, stamps, postcards, cigarette cards and more, He is also a member of the following ANDA - Australian Numismatic Dealers Association.

Ginny handles the Website and the New Issue Stamp Supply business, so does have very good knowledge of the latest issues. You are welcome to contact her if you're after any Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Territory, PNG, Fiji, etc stamps.

 The other important members of our team is Mack and Brutus - they're beautiful, with the the most adorable faces.Mack is even on a stamp, he's that important. They help with the customers and likes to greet each one at the door to make them feel welcome.